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Learn more about the West Coast Rap artist MANi$H.

The Full Story


In MANi$H's early childhood, he was born in Portland, OR and was introduced to California at the age of 2. Living all around Los Angeles, CA, the SF Bay Area and even Anchorage, AK in countless Foster Homes, Group Homes, Youth Detention Centers and several Rehabilitation Programs due to living a life in the streets by way of survival without any direction from parents or typically structured family. 


MANi$H hails from environments consumed by Pimpin and grew to appreciate the perspective from a first-handed basis. But now, the mission is to give the game from a position of strength, providing insight on how NOT to become a victim of ANY situation. That's Pimpin....Pimpin Life!


Push on Playa!

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Who inspires me 

Influences and style

Drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop legends such as DJ Quik, Suga Free, E-40, and Nipsey Hussle, MANi$H has developed a unique sound that blends hard-hitting beats, funky basslines, explicit lyrics, and crisp rhymes that break the beat's tempo through an unpredictable cadence.


MANi$H music is marked by his smooth, effortless flow, and raw lyrics that often touch on themes of life, hustle, strength, streets, personal growth, empowerment, and other themes inspired by his own life experiences and struggles. Lastly, but not less importantly, his attention to detail and precision, with every element of the mix working together to create a cohesive and dynamic sound that can be played anywhere.

MANi$H worked with major artists like The Game, Ras Kass, King Los, Audio Push, Kokane, and more...


What's coming next...


MANi$H is a passionate artist and entrepreneur who has a strong vision and huge goals for the Hip-Hop culture. With his music, he aims to inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential while also shedding light on the struggles and realities of life. MANi$H believes that Hip-Hop is more than just a genre of music, it's a culture that encompasses fashion, art, and social activism. He aims to use his platform to not only create great music but also to inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams. MANi$H's ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impact on the world of Hip-Hop and inspire the next generation of artists to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible and be remembered as a visionary leader who helped shape the future of the Hip-Hop culture.


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