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Jan 6, 2023


"B!TCH WALK", which is about pushing that line and incentivizing 'em to walk that blade! B!TCH WALK is the newest (and heavily requested) video by MANi$H that features one of LA's finest, KING CALI. The video shares different Points of putting feelings aside and gettin' to the bag expeditiously!! If they ain't WiTiT, then get to WALK'n!!!

Dec 17, 2021


YoLA is about keeping your eyes on the prize! Even when we don't know how things may turn out, if we stay focused and even tap into some of our available resources, we can WIN! YoLA is the newest (and heavily requested) video by MANi$H that shares different perspectives of "Gettin Money". From the mind of a man that can "see", to the ones that can't "see" but can feel the ones that do...and to all the others that watch u$!

Aug 25, 2021

Mamba Hussle

This video is dedicated to the Mamba Mentality and Hussle Motivation from 2 iconic pillars from within our Culture. Thank you Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle, this is dedicated to you and intended to contribute to the momentum you both have created!! Salute.

Apr 18, 2020


After debuting his first Album in 2019, MANi$H is back again with a Brand New Banger from the We$T! This Single has an anthemic rhythm and letting suckas know WHAT we're NOT tolerating!

Jun 21, 2019


"The Game" is MANi$H's first offering from the self-titled project "MAN-i$H", Available now on all music platforms.


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