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It's more than in the syllables, it's a Life$tyle.



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Mar 1, 2023

New album coming soon...

New album coming soon with major features: The Game, Audio Push, Ras Kass, King Los, & more...

Dec 9, 2022

Available Now

A hard-hitting beat and raw lyrics = the formula of a street slapper.



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In MANi$H's early childhood, he was born in Portland, OR and was introduced to California at the age of 2. Living all around Los Angeles, CA, the SF Bay Area and even Anchorage, AK in countless Foster Homes, Group Homes, Youth Detention Centers and several Rehabilitation Programs due to living a life in the streets by way of survival without any direction from parents or typically structured family. 


MANi$H hails from environments consumed by Pimpin and grew to appreciate the perspective from a first-handed basis. But now, the mission is to give the game from a position of strength, providing insight on how NOT to become a victim of ANY situation. That's Pimpin....Pimpin Life!


Push on Playa!

"Whatever comes out ya mouth, should come from your head, not your chest."

MANi$H on single "Di$PlacemenT"

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